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Worldwide Packaging Group, LLC  strives to lead all other packaging distributors by using experience, integrity, research and technology to continually set new standards in the packaging industry.


Worldwide Packaging Group, LLC specializes in the distribution of machinery and materials for industrial and retail packaging. That's the "elevator sales pitch." But dig a little deeper and you will find out that:

We are the quintessential small business enterprise - local, family-owned and working hard every day to support
        our families and our customers;
We were founded in 2009 by a second generation packaging specialist with literally a lifetime of exposure and
        involvement in packaging;
Everyone here cares about our customers. We care about getting it right, and are passionate about what we sell;
     •  We
believe that business is about relationships between people. We treat our clients as we do our friends and
        family. And we give equal respect to everyone regardless of their title;
We are proud to say that our client base includes Fortune 500 companies. They have come to rely on our
        experience and our personalized service.



 Back in the late 1960's, packaging as we know it today was in its infancy. Big companies were figuring out how to make shrinkable flexible packaging films. Companies like Goodyear, Borden, Mobil, DuPont and others were using oil refining by-products to make all kinds of plastic films. But they had no way to get those products in to the hands of companies who use them. That's where my Dad comes in.​

I like to say that he was a part of a "fraternity" of people in the Northeast who would load rolls of film in to their cars (ours was a green Pontiac Catalina). They would go out and show people how, if you wrapped these films around a product and used a heat gun or shrink tunnel (basically a convection oven with a conveyor) and blew really hot air on it, the film would shrink around the product. From that came all the highly specialized films, machinery and processes we know today.​

At the same time, these same people (my Dad included) discovered that a different kind of film could be very stretchy but at the same time be hard to tear. They wrapped these plastics, now known as stretch film, around pallets and dramatically reduced the amount of money it cost to unitize and protect a pallet-load of merchandise. This became known as stretch film and became the genesis of the stretch packaging industry.​

In 1975 my Dad, along with two others, began manufacturing stretch packaging machines (pallet wrappers). They started on Long Island and then moved to Florida. I worked in the factory doing whatever needed to be done. I swept floors, stocked shelves, wired-up machines and helped crate them for shipment all over the world.​

Fast foward to the mid 1990's. My Dad had long-since retired. I graduated college, got married and I was working as a sales engineer in a completely different industry. An opportunity came along to work for a packaging distribution company. I started as a salesperson, drove a delivery truck, learned to be a service technician, became sales manager and eventually general manager. It was a great place to be but.....​

Like my Dad, I always had the entrepreneurial spirit. That's why in 2009, in the middle of the worst recession since the great depression, I left a great job with a great company to start something of my own. That "something" became Worldwide Packaging Group. Our small size and big spirit gave us the flexibility to outlast the recession and build a successful well respected and thriving business.​

Looking toward the future, I only see opportunities to grow and evolve. As long as we remember where we came from, we will always take the right path to where were are going.


Best Regards,


Barry Kronhaus, Owner and President

This website is dedicated to the memory of Howard Kronhaus; Dad, Husband, Grandfather, Mentor and Friend.